Web Buddy


One of the challenge points when you’re looking to pick up a new skill is always having a platform to practice and refine the skills you have learned. If you’re looking to get started in web development, web design or just simple web coding, we’ve got a great offer for you!

Simply do the following and get 365 days of free web hosting on us!
(Equates to 1GB of web space and 30GB of monthly traffic bandwidth worth SGD$90!)

a) Sign up for a LOOP.sg account
b) Purchase a web development course from the list below with a total value of $79 or more*

Course title URL Content Length Cost
Fundamentals of CSS and CSS3 https://www.loop.sg/s/75291DFE 13 hours $79
HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design Bundle https://www.loop.sg/s/384e73ea 14 hours $99
Become a Professional Programmer (Java & JavaScript) https://www.loop.sg/s/B962C99B 7 hours $79
Build a Website from Scratch with WordPress 3.5 https://www.loop.sg/s/01610cd7 6 hours $40
Basic WordPress Course https://www.loop.sg/s/2d92bcfe 20 hours $49.60
Planning a Successful Website https://www.loop.sg/s/63abfaba 8 hours $45
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 https://www.loop.sg/s/26e6718d 8 hours $45
PHP Programming Deep Dive https://www.loop.sg/s/3F415306 11 hours $79
*Other non-related courses may be purchased to meet the minimum value

c) We’ll send you an email with details on how to go about getting your web hosting with us set up!

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