4 Tech Trends to Help You Design E-Learning

SkillsFuture has brought E-learning in front of everyone. When the general public begin to understand this relatively new way of learning, E-learning itself is developing very rapidly. It is growing beyond the form of online video. It is catching up with the cutting-edge development in the tech world.

E-Learning: Cross Platforms

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People Can Learn Anywhere, Anytime They Want

It is estimated that the number of people who have access to internet will surpassed 3.4 billion this year, which is incredible. Think of it, in early 1990s, only less than 1% of the people had the access to the internet.

The quick spread of the Internet paved the way for countless services. People are enabled to access services with lower costs than ever, for both money and time.

Among those are the educational resources, which have long been seen as one of the most scarce and valuable ones have thus been shared by more people. Everybody, especially the poor, is benefits a lot. For example, the SkillsFuture Scheme has given the choices to the five million residents in Singapore. Every Singaporean can go to LOOP.sg to claim credits and take one course, like Math & Statistics.

Taking E-Learning to the Next Level

Joel Duncan, a columnist from ATD, believes that Technology can not only do good to the scalability of great educational resources, but to the qualities of the resources itself.

He lists how the educator can use the advancements of the following four areas to explore the probability to make education online a better experiences: 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, multi-device responsive design and cloud storage.

Want to know more about it? Check out the article from Association for Talent Development.

LOOP.sg is proud to be in the this process and we will be dedicated to keep improving the quality of our courses.
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