Your Cover Letter as a Marketing Tool

Just like you want to sell your products in exchange for money, you may have to “sell” yourself— to get yourself a job. Same as selling physical products, you had better do some marketing for yourself. An excellent cover letter is a great marketing tool.

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If you find the idea of “sales” intimidating or off-putting, think of it this way: Approach everything you do in your job campaign as if you were the employer. What is it that you would be looking for? What qualities do you want to see? Then think about how you can best relate what you have to offer to what the employer needs.

Difference Between Cover Letter and Résumé

First of all,cover letter is not résumé. However, as with your résumé, your focus in the letter has to be what you can offer the employer rather than what you are hoping to gain. How to write a cover letter?

As it says, “The difference between how you sell yourself in your résumé and how you sell yourself in your cover letter is the purpose and the delivery. The purpose of your résumé is to present your benefits to an employer in a document that, while tailored to your desired position, is not tailored to individual companies or specific positions.”

Pros and Cons of Cover Letter

The advantages of  a cover letter is that you can draw the recruiters’ attention to the skills and experience that might not be as readily visible in your résumé. You can give more examples to showcase your personalities and thoughts. Basically, a cover letter gives you more opportunities to impress your recruiters.

The difficulties are almost as obvious as advantages: you have to write an almost new one to each new position you apply for. You should learn to keep the core content you don’t need to change for every new cover letter and make appropriate changes to the rest of it.

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