Online Course Helps Prevent Child Labour

Food and Agriculture Organization and the international Labour Organization in U.S. have launched a new online course aims to help prevent child labor in agriculture.

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They believe that through the course that is designed for agricultural policy makers, they can ensure that child labor prevention measures are included in agricultural and rural development programs, in particular those targeting poor smallholders.

Online Course helps prevent child labor

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FAO’s Director-General believes that to achieve zero hunger, we must also achieve zero child labor. ” It is a complex issue (child labor) and cannot be tackled alone. We need strong partnerships. ” e said in remarks made at an event in Rome marking the World Day Against Child Labour.

How exactly does the new online course help? The new FAO-ILO online course addresses the need to implement labor-saving technologies to reduce demand for child labor as well as safer agricultural practices to reduce hazardous working conditions.

In many countries, children are commonly engaged in weeding. Technologies and practices that save time required for weeding – systems of rice intensification using row planting combined with mechanical weeders, for example — can thus decrease the demand for child labor.

The online course was co-funded by the Government of the Netherlands. It is now available in English and will soon be available in French and Spanish. hopes to join the journey and stand side by side with FAO and ILO, to profoundly change the society for the better. We offer a variety of online courses and you can definitely explore courses at here.

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