Career Change Without Starting Again

Are you considering about a career change while you don’t want to start all over? Here are three pieces of advice from HBR.

Career Change Online Course Singapore

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Leverage the halo effect.

Make use of your advantages.

Find opportunities where inexperience is a virtue.

“No one wants to feel that their years of hard work have been wasted. If the thought of losing your professional status and having to start from scratch has been dissuading you from considering a professional reinvention, think again. ”

Of course, you are also welcome to discover your other interests by taking online courses! Make a habit; take a one-hour course every day. And you will be surprised how you have changed in several months. Come to today.  We have many courses that are SkillsFuture Eligible, you can find out how to claim your SkillsFuture Credit here.

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