The Power of One Focused Hour a Day

If you want to know the power of focus, set a timer and try to complete the sequence:


How long did you use? Now do it again. This time, try to write down all the numbers before you start writing letters. How long does it take again?

It is normal that you use less time using the second method. That is because you are focused. People tend to talk a lot about multi-tasking these days. The truth is there is no “multi-tasking” but “switching tasking”.  When we switch between tasks, productivity decreases.

Focus Hour Online Course Singapore

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Probably you should take a look at this advice: “The Power of One Focused Hour a Day” from Srinivas Rao.

“People frequently cite the lack of time to work on any creative endeavor or project. But if you choose to focus on the quality of the time you put into your efforts rather than the quantity, it can make a big difference.”

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