Elearning in the health sector


Professional learning and development are essential parts of any career in health and social care, and leaders across both sectors want to create a culture of lifelong learning among their staff.

Is e-learning well regarded among the health and social care workforce? Dr Alasdair Strachan, director of medical education and a consultant anaesthetist at Doncaster and Bassetlaw NHS foundation trust, thinks not. “E-learning has got a bad name because it’s seen as a tick-box exercise,” he said. One doctor who took the survey agreed; when asked about training available at their organisation, they said: “I have only ever really been provided with training that ticks boxes for professional regulators and quangos rather than anything which genuinely promotes excellence or advancement in the field.”

Charlotte Murray, director of delivery and policy at the Tinder Foundation, added: “Digital is an enabler for sharing. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.” She asked whether existing resources could be pooled and shared from a central repository. Scales added that a hub of training resources was a possible solution that was being looked into by the TEL programme. Respondents to the survey, meanwhile, were keen on an easy-to-access platform and clear modules that allow them to customise their training for their needs, and fit timings around their schedule.

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