Do you want to make your spreadsheets more secure and error free?
Sometimes you need to fix your cell reference so that, when you copy the cell contents, it doesn’t change and stays locked to that particular cell, row or column.
Fixing a cell is simple. Just insert a $ sign into it before the column and row reference (e.g. B3 becomes $B$3). You can even fix the column or row independently by including $ before the relevant reference.

It’s not just single cells that can be fixed, ranges of cells can also be fixed. For example, if you copy the formula =SUM($A$1:$B$10) to a new cell the same formula will apply.

Cells referring to other workbooks (not other worksheets) will by default be fixed but this can be changed if you need such references to be relative.

Although initially the use of dollar signs to fix references may seem difficult, it is vital to create efficient and reliable spreadsheets.

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