Instill the love of learning…

how-to-write-a-love-letterFrom the day we are born, we are learning.

There will inevitably be moments along the way where learning might feel burdensome or become less appealing.

Henry Ford once said, “anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

So, what can we do to embrace a love of learning that will carry us through a lifetime?

Here are a few tips for instilling a love of learning:

• Let curiosity motivate learning.

Thinking requires a lot of effort, where curiosity, by nature, has the power to drive thinking forward. Find ways to tap into your child’s natural curiosity to inspire deeper thinking and learning.

• Accept failure as a process to improve.

We aren’t always going to be right and things don’t always work out, but it’s taking that next step which allows us to revise our thinking and create a new plan to continue moving forward. Embrace and celebrate failure as a necessary part of learning, because most success stories have a past filled with failed attempts.

• It’s ok to admit you don’t know.

We can’t possibly hold all of the answers and it is unrealistic to expect that. One of the hardest phrase to say is, “I don’t know” for fear of ridicule. Rather than place pressure on holding the answer, make a shift to valuing the ability to seek out the knowledge needed.

• Learn for fun.

Even from kindergarten to high school and beyond, learning can become a bit daunting. Make sure to balance educational learning with learning for pleasure. Take up a new hobby or make time to dig deeper into an interest.

Find ways where you can learn something new together. Try learning a random fact each day, words in a different language or read about a new topic.

Learning happens all the time and will last a lifetime. Help yourself develop skills which will aid in your pursuit of becoming a lifelong learner.

Never stop learning.

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