The Benefits of Remote Practice Labs


Whether you are an experienced IT professional looking to validate your knowledge with an official certification, or someone who is interested in pursuing a career in the IT industry, options such as earning a Cisco Certified Network Associate qualification through CCNA training will have a beneficial effect on your career. The advantages of having this certification can also be enhanced by using Remote Practice Labs in conjunction with your training.

What are Practice Labs?

Practice Labs are made up of real computer equipment which has been networked together and made accessible online as a convenient practice location for students (and sometimes other IT workers). The Practice Lab set-up generally consists of a computers, routers, servers and switches which can be configured to suit the needs of the student.

One of the fantastic features when using the Practice Lab is that the entire system is reset when the student logs out so there is no fear of causing any harm to the equipment. This is also one of the reasons that many companies and organisations are using them to train their staff as it prevents any potential damage to the networks that are in use by the organisation. It is a safe and convenient way to practice and learn new skills.

When studying, there is a lot of theory that is learned throughout the duration of the course. The Practice Lab will help to put into practice the theory that has been taught and this will result in a far greater practical understanding of the material – which in turn will increase your chances of passing the exam first time.

The benefits of Practice Labs in a nutshell:

• Anytime convenience
• Highly cost-effective
• System resets (mistakes are easily recovered from)
• No long lab re-build times
• No large energy bills from running physical set-ups
• Ideal for training team members
• User-friendly
• Provides practical experience

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