ACP Bigger Brains Press Release

21st February 2019 – ACP Computer Training & Consultancy Pte. Ltd., the leading provider of Learning Management Systems in the market today, proudly announces a new learning content partner, Bigger Brains.

Bigger Brains  will provide content to ACP’s award-winning Learning Management System. Bigger Brains ’s learning courses are designed to help organizations take action to develop competencies, in the key field of Office Productivity. Bigger Brains ’s content will be available through ACP’s LMS LOOP (Learners Online Online Producers) .

“We are  very excited to partner with ACP to provide our ‘Uniquely Engaging’ Bigger Brains courses” says Chip Reaves, President of Bigger Brains.  “We specialize in a unique style of productivity training, especially related to Microsoft Office and related topics,  that has been awarded by eLearning magazine as the ‘Best IT Skills Training’.  Now we are happy to offer this training through our partnership with ACP.”

“Short, targeted content is very popular with our clients and our own employees. With Bigger Brains ’s content, learners are not only gaining new knowledge, but clear action to apply what they learned on the job,” commented ACP’s Director, Mr Kevin Lee. ACP continues to see growth in the usage and popularity of its learning management system. Clients report that employees react well to Bigger Brains ’s videos due to the concise content and targeted learning they provide.

ACP used to provide only classroom based ICT training for our clients. With the advancement of technology and the hectic working schedules of our Clients’ employees, ACP seized the opportunity to feature LOOP, our very own learning management system to cater to the varied needs of our Clients. We mooted the idea to our Clients to allow the employees to learn at anywhere and anytime. ACP is pleased to bring training right to them at the convenience of a click away. ACP has definitely evolved to become the premier end-to-end solution ICT solution provider of today, since our incorporation in 1997. For more information, visit ACP’s eLearning website at .

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