Data Visualization with Python and Matplotlib

Data is useless unless we extract information from it. To convey the information in an effective way, we visualize the data and present it in a pictorial or graphical format. Data visualization enables people to see analytics presented visually, so we can grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns. Try Data Visualization online Course on with Python and Matplotlib.

Data is Vital

The use of Data in our daily life has been emphasized a lot these days. We heard how Google Trends forecasts the emergence of flu and how the machine learning algorithm discovers the pattern of cat after analyzing tens of hundreds of Youtube video. AlphaGo, a computer program own by Google Deepmind, defeated a world-class Go player Lee Sedol in a five-game match this March, which was treated as a monument in computer history. Besides those great achievements that seem far from us, the use of data science is also heavily used in fields like medical care, transportation and beyond. The Smart Nation Scheme in Singapore requires tremendous amount of usage of data as well.

Lee Sedol

Lee Sedol (picture from The Guardian)


Data Visualization is also vital

Collecting and cleaning data is one thing, express and convey the idea that data tell us is another. Data is not valuable if the insights cannot be shared effectively and efficiently.

The following map represents how Facebook users from all over the world connect to each other. Tremendous amount of data was used to complete this map. From this map we can easily recognize places where Facebook is heavily used with ease. However, it is almost impossible for us to have the similar understanding if we were given the raw data of more than a billion names, genders, geographical coordinates.

Data Visualization Online Course

Facebook User Map


Use Data Visualization in Daily Life

Of course, most of us will not and need not to deal with the data with that scale. However, visualizing the data o hand and tell a story can always make your points stronger. Python and Matplotlib are two programming tools that most commonly used by practitioners in data analysis and data visualization.

If you are a newbie, this online course can help you gain a brief idea about data visualization. If you have already familiar with charts and graphs on Excel, you are welcome to take this online course to escalate your skills into next level in the world of Data Visualization.

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