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Whether you can get the job depends on your hard skills, but whether you can get promoted depends on your people skills. Networking is almost inevitable if you want to build a strong relationship with people who might help you.

Learn to love Networking Online Course Singapore

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Some people just hate networking. HBR recently posted an article  claiming that you should instead love networking. They do have a point.And here is why.

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Networking is Inevitable

But in today’s world, networking is a necessity. A mountain of research shows that professional networks lead to more job and business opportunities, broader and deeper knowledge, improved capacity to innovate, faster advancement, and greater status and authority. Building and nurturing professional relationships also improves the quality of work and increases job satisfaction.

How to Love it?

The article lists four main ways: Focus on learningIdentify Common InterestThink Broadly about What You Can GiveFind a Higher Purpose.

“Many if not most of us are ambivalent about networking. We know that it’s critical to our professional success, yet we find it taxing and often distasteful. These strategies can help you overcome your aversion. By shifting to a promotion mindset, identifying and exploring shared interests, expanding your view of what you have to offer, and motivating yourself with a higher purpose, you’ll become more excited about and effective at building relationships that bear fruit for everyone.”

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