8 Ground Rules for Great Meetings

If you have worked in a team, or done a group project, you must know how suffering it is to attend a meeting that has no clear goal or does not stay on the topic. Many business schools will even open a course to teach their students how to conduct productive meetings.

Harvard Business Review (HBR) listed 8 ground rules in an article for conducting great meetings. Do you know how to cut people off in a meeting? Do you know how to help to keep the meeting on the track? You should take a look at the following 8 rules.

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8 Ground Rules for Great Meetings Online Course Singapore

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Here are the 8 rules listed:

  • State views and ask genuine questions. This enables the team to shift from monologues and arguments to a conversation in which members can understand everyone’s point of view and be curious about the differences in their views.
  • Share all relevant information. This enables the team to develop a comprehensive, common set of information with which to solve problems and make decisions.
  • Use specific examples and agree on what important words mean. This ensures that all team members are using the same words to mean the same thing.
  • Explain reasoning and intent. This enables members to understand how others reached their conclusions and see where team members’ reasoning differs.
  • Focus on interests, not positions. By moving from arguing about solutions to identifying needs that must be met in order to solve a problem, you reduce unproductive conflict and increase your ability to develop solutions that the full team is committed to.
  • Test assumptions and inferences. This ensures that the team is making decisions with valid information rather than with members’ private stories about what other team members believe and what their motives are.
  • Jointly design next steps. This ensures that everyone is committed to moving forward together as a team.
  • Discuss undiscussable issues. This ensures that the team addresses the important but undiscussed issues that are hindering its results and that can only be resolved in a team meeting.

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