View of Lifelong Learning Needs to Change

This nice article discusses the role of lifelong learning programs such as SKillsFuture and Scale. “One root cause could be the perception that the qualifications obtained from such programmes are not reputable enough to grant an advantage in future employment.” Claims the author.

Granted, these program are relatively new now. But the trend is that education is moving towards lifelong. All these lifelong educational program are becoming more and more recognized around the world.

Besides, a larger part of the lifelong learning programs are conducted online. Thus more and more better educational resources can be accessed from more places with lower costs. You don’t have to pass a certain language test to attend classes. Thus more types of education can be gained. , together with all citizens are witnessing this change.

Just as Andrew Yeo from Institute of Policy Studies put it, we should “building trust in SkillsFuture scheme”.

Lifelong Learning Singapore Online Course

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