Mushroom & Grow Your Knowledge with

Learning on for you should be like how a mushroom grows in nature.


Mushroom Grow Your Knowledge with

Mushroom Grow Your Knowledge with

How many living organisms are in the picture?

Only one.

The part of the mushroom that suddenly pops up after a rain is not the ‘actual’ mushroom. It is, rather, the “fruiting body” corresponding to the fruit of a tree or other plant. The actual body of the mushroom is under the ground and can be quite extensive.

We all start as the actual body underground. To grow and survive, we must sprout, expand and disperse our spores. For us, that’s the journey of learning and improving. Though the painful but rewarding path, we achieve goals in our lives.

However, many of us stop growing after graduation. Our days are packed with work. Some of us have already forgotten the feeling of growing. offers you the chance to mushroom grow again. Take courses from different fields and be a stronger Mushroom!

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