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Online Degree Units to Cut Tuition Fees

Picture from BBC News

Picture from BBC News

Online courses are poised to greatly reduce the costs of learning at great educational institutions. Read as universities in the UK delve into the latest development of adopting online courses into their curriculum. See the article.

The future of education is online. Why not take action today? Make the most of your SkillsFuture credits and start your life-long learning today with!

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Uber Is Breaking All The Rules In Its $25 Billion Arms Race

Picture from Forbes

Picture from Forbes

Uber successfully raised money again. Every time you think Uber can’t raise any more money, it raises billions more.

So you probably know about Uber, one of the fastest developing tech companies in the world. You probably will be curious about how they’ve developed their app and its functions.

Actually not all apps need to be as complicated as UBER’s. Begin your first step by learning how to build your own, simple android or iOS app on!



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The Road to Ultimate Productivity

You might be working 9 or more hours a day. But in fact, you’re probably just sitting in your office for most of that time. (But don’t let your boss agree with you on this!)

What is the amount of time that you’re really productive? Check out this fun info-graphic made by Samsung that shows several solutions to maximizing your time at work. Enjoy your Friday!

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Picture from Samsung

Picture from Samsung

10 Time Management Secrets of Highly Productive People


Picture from Entrepreneur

Picture from Entrepreneur

Are you a deadline fighter? Time Management has always been an issue bothering most people. How do you manage your time? Is it effective?

This article talks about 10 highly effective habits you can start doing to be better at managing time. If you want to do more, you can always take up a course on time management on . has a wide variety of courses available to help you make the most of your time for personal development.

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Outsmart Your Next Angry Outburst


Picture from HBR

Picture from HBR

Have you ever gotten angry at your workplace and said something that you end up regretting later? How do you avoid misunderstandings when faced with stress?

Emotions are something everyone has and sometimes stress can bring out the worse in us. Check out the latest article in the Harvard Business Review on how to deal with your emotions.

And you can also take it a step further and start a course on on How to Communicate Effectively .

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