Content Diversity in Online Marketing

What is Content Diversity and why is it important for Online Marketing?

The price for renting a spaces on popular websites for ads keeps rising. Business people queue up for bidding for a programming result. Online marketing will become more and more vital for companies for a simple reason: a small button on Facebook page can bring in more customers than a billboard in the airport or a 15-second commercial on TV can in our current age.

A survey done by Forbes shows that more than 84% of all marketers are either keeping their overall online marketing budgets consistent or plan to increase them in the next year. If you want to master your Online Marketing, especially for Facebook, you can consider taking a Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses Course on

The importance of online marketing has been grown with its diversity. As time goes by, content become more diversified and thus more attractive. We can take a look at the following infographic from Content Crossroad to get a quick overview and idea of this diversity.

Online Marketing

Picture from Content Crossroads

Online Marketing: From Article to Video

When the Internet began in the early 1990s, few people had thought about promoting their own business on the Internet. Even they did, they put packaged their advertising in an article. At the time people treated the Internet as if it was a newspaper that might reach more people. Because of the limits of browsing speed at the time, there is no wonder that those articles were only posted on static websites.

However, the online infrastructure has improved tremendously during the past two decades. Now video has become the dominant media. Facebook now serves a staggering 8 billion video views per day and has over a billion users, making it the most accessible and widely viewed medium today. Companies are expected to have a Facebook page if they expect to be known.’s Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses Course will help to show you the ropes on how to get started with online marketing using Facebook as a platform. From how to create content that engages to understanding how to tap into the right audience for your product or service.

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